Why Choose NOT from Concentrate Juice?

All of our JUST JUICE juices are fresh-pressed and NOT from concentrate. To concentrate a juice, the juice is processed to remove a significant portion of the water, taking with it some of the important and essential water soluble vitamins and antioxidants. These natural nutrients are not replenished when a juice concentrate is reconstituted by adding water back in.

Juices made from concentrate are often blended with other juices from other regions and frozen concentrates from other growing seasons to try and get a more consistent flavour profile. This means that a juice that is NOT from concentrate is generally fresher, has more nutritional value, is less processed, and also more representative of the natural juice of a particular growing area or growing season (e.g sweeter some years than others).

Our juices are unclarified and unfiltered. This means you get all the nutrition found in the pulp and flesh of the fruit. So when you find sediment in the bottom of your juice container, shake it well then pour to get the full health benefits in every glass.

Choose NOT from concentrate juices to get optimal healthy benefits and a more natural tasting juice.