Just Juice offers a whole line of delicious, 100% pure, all natural and certified organic juices. We search the world for the purest, organic fruits to be able to offer you the healthiest glass of juice. To make our famous juice, we simply take the fruit and press it. NOT FROM CONCENTRATE - No dilution with water, nothing added, nothing taken away. As Nature Intended. It’s Just Juice!

Established in 1997, Just Juice set out to provide juices that represented the spirit of “The Father of Medicine” Hippocrate’s oath: “Let food be thy medicine”. Modern research has learned that fruits and vegetables hold many of the most powerful and health-influencing nutrients - strong enough to fight cancer, and promote overall everyday well-being. Our juices have been chosen based on their measures of nutrients, then taste, not the other way around.

Just Juice customers are striving to be better and are looking for something different. We know that providing the best quality helps meet their stringent needs. Our packaging reflects this ideal, and our network of farmer’s, growers, and suppliers echo this philosophy. With products sourced from Canada, USA and Turkey, we have chosen the best fruit from the best regions for producing consistent high quality fruit, and harvested it at just the right time.


Just Juice
c/o Puresource Natural Products
#5 - 5068 Whitelaw Road, RR6
Guelph, ON
N1H 6J3

Tel: 519-837-2140
Toll Free: 800-265-7245


You’ll find Just Juice products in natural food or juice sections of fine Grocers and Health Food stores throughout Canada.